The Inspiration

The inspiration for Sundae Spa came from a family vacation. For something different, I booked a spa experience for the kids that promised fun and sweet treats for your hands and feet. (I love doing things with my children and getting them involved). On our 3 hour drive we imagined all kinds of wonderful things we would do together at the spa. Sadly the experience was less than yummy but it did leave us with a taste to use our own creative ideas and start Sundae Spa.

And Then...

Immediately upon returning I threw myself into research – similar products, other spas for children, complimentary businesses that offered experiential learning – no one was doing what we had envisioned though all the businesses were thriving. Sundae Spa brings the best of them together in "a place where kids can come to make sweet treats while learning, looking good and having fun." With years of experience as a science teacher and having worked with all kinds of children I was sure our ideas would be a hit.

After the inspiration and feasibility steps, the real work began: business plans, financing, site location, product development and testing (with 7 kids I had a mini testing lab at home). As a former science teacher I wanted the products and experience safe enough that any child could join in the fun and learning experience of creating special lotions, soaps and other products. And 1 long year later we started selling our products online, including our signature products Sundae Spa Bath Cakes and Bath Scoops.

Plans for the first Sundae Spa Shop are well under way and will allow visitors to experience our full spa services and to watch our Sweet Treats being made on the premises!

Special Thanks

  • My daughters Kalie, Tiffany, Marguerite, Rebecca, Brianna, Shania, and Charlie. We love you!
  • Sassy Mouth Photography for all the beautiful product photos

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